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Are Worker's Compensation Costs

Cutting Into Your Profits?

Work-Fit Solutions offers cost-effective programs that can save you thousands of dollars. We are your solution to limit work injuries and help you improve your profit margin. Take just a moment to visit our Ergonomics Economics worksheet.


Serving Orange County, LA County,

San Bernardino County, and Riverside County.



Functional Capacity Evaluation


A comprehensive assessment of an individual's work related abilities.  It is highly useful for disability and workers compensation claims determination.  The report clearly describes the functional ability and limitations of tasks a worker could perform in a workday.  When the FCE is complete, the client understands his/her capacity to perform work.

Type of FCE's:


  • Return to work

  • Disability benefit determination

  • Personal Injury 

  • Vocational Rehab

 FCE lift test
FCE carrying test
FCE carrying test
Hand dexterity
Post Offer


The Post Offer Screen is a functional test to determine an individual's ability to safely perform the physical requirements of the job.

New Hire work injuries are prevented by implementing a "Post Offer Screen".  Fit the right worker to the correct job the first time.

Post Offer Screen features:


  • ADA compliant 

    (matches work and worker)

  • Valid report content replicates the job

  • Well received by workers, who understand their jobs and the need to have the physical ability to safely perform them.

  • It identifies areas for ergonomic modification and will determine a worker's physical ability to perform one or more jobs.

Functional Job Analysis


The Functional Job Analysis (FJA) is a comprehensive structured tool for identifying and evaluating the physical aspects of work.

The FJA involves analyzing the worker, the work and the worksite.

Input is gathered from employers and workers regarding the essential job functions and critical demands of the job.

Objective solutions are identified on how to make work safer for all employees.


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